Here are the habits that ruin the couple

Do not feel secure A woman from the partner looks for a lot of things, including security. This does not just mean being sure of what to do in the evening or where to go in the weekend, but the (more…)Leggi tutto

What the literature teaches about romantic phrases

I love to see the elderly who take each other’s hands, it is the tangible proof of how love overcomes the difficulties and the temptations of life. (Marco Trevisan) To deny people who have loved it means to deny oneself. (more…)Leggi tutto

Love over 70? It’s a boom for new couples

Falling in love after the age of seventy is not only no longer a taboo, but it happens more and more often in almost the whole world. Marriages between long-lived are multiplied. In Italy, love in old age is a (more…)Leggi tutto