She / he has left you and you feel a failure

When it happens that between you two the story is over, she / he has left you and now you find yourself alone, in an attempt to overcome this detachment. The reasons for the break can be multiple. Were you (more…)Leggi tutto

The fixations that make you sleep and you can not get rid of it anymore

Falling in love, if it is reciprocated is a wonderful experience. When you’re in love the world has more intense colors and the days become irresistible. But like all that positively overwhelms our senses in life, it should be managed (more…)Leggi tutto

Rules for a summer love

Who has never had a summer love? Summers without falling in love have a disappointing result. Can happened to believe that the person known on vacation could be the right one you were looking for a long time. The fun (more…)Leggi tutto